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The idea behind our Simplicity Portraits is to create images that draw you into the soulful beauty of your child. You can't help but be captivated by their beautiful eyes and wonderfully unique expressions.

Simplicity portraits are available in Black & White or Sepia Tone exclusively to keep total emphasis on what's important.


“Gene captured my son's personality, so much emotion caught up in his face, that just melts my heart! They are just amazing!” 

Paula S.  

Black & White

The real beauty of Black & White is the way it removes all the distractions of color and allows the viewer the ability to focus on the mood and expression of the person being portrayed. Black and White portraits also make a statement about the clients who prefer them because many consider B&W to be a more artistic medium.


Adding a Sepia Tone to a portrait adds warmth and a nostalgic feel while still removing the distraction of most color. If your home is full of earth tones, a sepia tone portrait could be an artistic addition.