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About Us

The experience of having a portrait made is almost as important as the portrait itself.

We feel that if you enjoy the experience of being photographed, you will love your images even more. By using a wide variety of sets, locations, design elements and lighting techniques, we are able to create images that reflect who you are.







We Have a Long and Successful History

The feeling our clients get when looking at their beautiful portraits means everything to us.

The experience of having a portrait created is as important as the finished portrait. If you enjoy the experience, you will love the portraits even more. We feel portraits of your family, displayed on your walls, adds meaning to your life. They create a permenant, meaningful connection to your family that cannot be broken. Our goal is not only to create beautiful portraits, but to act as a resource to guide you on your journey to reach your personal goal of possessing timeless portrait art of your family.
Gene has been creating portraits since 1980. There have been many transitions in portrait photography over those years. However, the most important aspects pleasing lighting, thoughtful expression, and interesting composition continue to be the hallmarks of his work. Gene is a Certified Professional Photographer and has received numerous prestigious awards for his work including the Kodak Gallery, Fuji Masterpiece and Art Leather Awards for Excellence in Professional Photography. Both Gene and Linda have been featured speakers at Professional Photography organizations.