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KAP logos pngKids At Play Photography
One of the greatest joys in life is to watch children at play. They discover, learn and grow simply by having fun. Their combination of energy, spontaneity, curiosity and joyfulness is intoxicating.

We love to watch our children as they react to playing with their favorite toys and how they experience their favorite activities. As we grow into adulthood, we begin to lose the wonder of little things that, for a child, present the next great adventure.

I was inspired to create this portrait series by my own grandchildren. My 3 year old grandson cannot walk past a mud puddle without splashing in it. Watching kids use their imaginations and their desire to explore gave me the push I needed. I have always tried to capture the sprirt and wonder of the children I'm photographing, and this portrait series is a giant step in that direction.


“As my first experience with a professional photographer, this was a pleasure. Gene was good with my son Logan. It put me at ease that his natural curiosity was welcome in his studio.”

Alex N.
N. Scituate